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Napisał Tomasz Bober   
District brzozowski
Region Podkarpacie
Village administrator: Jan Pilch
36-230 Domaradz 345
tel. 0-13 434-70-41, 434-70-51
fax 0-13 434-70-41
Website of Public Information Bulletin: http://www.ug-domaradz.e-zet.pl
Website: http://www.domaradz.pl


Domaradz is situated in the extent of Dynow Hill Country, partly on the terrain of Czarnorzeki-Strzyzow Landscape Park. Geografic situation of the town creates convenient conditions for the rest and tourist and cognizable trips to the likable corners of south-eastern Poland.
Its picturesque location in the valley of Stobnica River surrounded by forest hills so characteristic for the terrain of Lower Beskid Mountain Country enables varied forms of refresment. Clean environment, abundant of rich flora and fauna encourages for hunting, fishing, mushroom gathering and mountain and bicycle trips.


The name Domaradz originates from the words : Domarad, Domarathsky, Domaraczsky, Domarath and others. These words were probably names in earlier years.
The first news about village's origin comes from local Act which was enacted by king Kazimierz the Great in 1359.
In 1384 Domaradz became the property of Bishoptom of Przemyśl
Between the years 1863-1890 Domaradz attained status as a town, but later economical impoverishment caused the down-fall of many small towns including Domaradz
Following 1939 came a period of German occupation during which its population was subjected to material and moral oppression. A lot of people were deported to forced labour camps or concentration camps inside Germany, where a lot of them perished. In 1944 Domaradz was liberated from Nazi occupation by The Red Army.


The oldest architectonic structure of Domaradz is its Gothic wooden church which was built in the second half of the fourteenth century. Inside we could see a painting of our Lord's "Mother of Perpetual Help". This picture was transferred to a new church recently.

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